Are MEKETEC Skateboards a good brand For Kids?

Are MEKETEC Skateboards a good brand For Kids

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A good skateboard for kids is not simple that you select a pair of skateboard and come to home only. You need to consider many things like safety, style, and weight before ordering the board for them.

There are a lot of skateboards with different categories for kids and adults. Some company even generates boards for children but adults can use these for the first time of catching a terrain.

In this post, I turn to MEKETEC brand to help you recognize that is it an attractive deal for your kids and…adults as well. How could it make that?!

MEKETEC skateboard brand

MEKETEC skateboard brand

First time of reaching the MEKETEC skateboard brand

The design is so astounding with different graphics that any buyer can pick out their own favorite styles. The shape’s lightweight and slim enough to help skaters feel comfy in each terrain.

Most of the boards weigh about 4 pounds with the plastic materials and 3.25 inches in the trucks making them suitable on your bag. This is the reason kids and adults can select MEKETEC. Size’s really available for children, but be sure that kids should spend lots of hours to learn how to handle the board.

With adults kicking off the skateboarding, don’t touch a heavy one because you can’t bend or turn around smoothly. Commuting’s so tired when you want to take it anywhere.

Please notice that all boards don’t have electric power to start and move. You need to utilize your foot to make it run.

Is it ideal for professional riders? Beginners, including kids, love the board a lot, so experienced users also can try. It depends on the way we skate pretty much. MEKETEC produces various boards for different skill levels.

A popular example of MEKETEC board for kids



MEKETEC 22-inch Mini Cruiser Retro does not only have a simple board but also its high-end technology included. The solid 3.25-inch truck is painted nice colors inside. Thus, you probably slide your board more idiosyncratic.

Due to the ABEC 7 bearings, they could make your board faster than ever. The 60-mm urethane wheels and the 22.5-inch can allow loading 200 pounds. It is hard to believe that a lightweight skateboard may allow a heavy adult, but this is a true fact. So, you are able to remove the maximum load issue!

When owning this product, you will recognize that you don’t get a horrible purchase because the board always outperforms high value and a hefty price at all.

As it’s so lightweight and not bulky, bring the skateboard to anywhere with enjoyment whether it’s a park, a big yard of a school or wide roads. You don’t feel tired to run in a large yard of the school. It’ll become a heartbreaking present for adults and kids in a special circumstance.

The quality is so great and it is proved from the CE certification. In other words, it’s well-performed and secure to slide. For any level of skaters, they feel free to step their feet on the deck.

The downside is that wheels are not dense as they will come to lose apart for many times of using. It’s not good news, but I think that I have to let you pay more attention to the front wheels. When there is something wrong on wheels, nothing is safe and guaranteed to shout out.

You may need to spend your arms and a leg to begin the performance and protect bodies during the time. The best solution you can tackle is contacting the manufacturer.

After all, the board is the first vibrant board for kids and the cost is so rock-bottom. Newbie adults also start the game with this board to improve skills.

Should I buy RIMABLE Complete Skateboard or MEKETEC 22-inch Mini Cruiser Retro?

RIMABLE Complete 22

RIMABLE Complete 22″ Skateboard (3camouf)

Perhaps, RIMABLE Complete Skateboard is another board which has the same features for kids and new players such as high-end style, reasonable price tag, and various models. However, the deck is longer and thicker in the aluminum material.

What does it mean? Kids will get hurt when they need to turn around and they probably get more dangerous to increase their speed. It is more suitable for teenagers and adults than young kids.

Moreover, it’s made to keep a heavy rider (nearly 200 pounds), so adults can try the deck without making any problem. This is a good option for skating around while MEKETIC is accessible for cruising. Both of them often smooth rides in a special way. Similarly, you possibly feel cool when making different recipes on your kitchen.

How to buy a skateboard for kids

a skateboard for kids

a skateboard for kids

To make a board for kids, it is a challenging task because safety is the first priority with manufacturers. As a buyer, you, fortunately, don’t get stuck on that point. You need to keep in mind some essential points only.

  • Level: a solid board is safe for kids when adults prefer slimmer boards.
  • Height and weight: kids require a skin board.
  • Deck: it should be made from wood.
  • Wheels: the product has four strong wheels and big ones to get balanced.
  • Bearings: children need low-end bearings only in order to reduce their speed when indeed.

Do you remember all of those points? Now, you can do a small homework individually. Find out the MEKETEC could meet those factors or not. After that, you will own your answer for your initial question “Are MEKETEC skateboards Good for Your Children or Not?”

Final Words

I am a bit surprised that MEKETEC is also wonderful for entry-level adults. Price does not matter and it’s suitable to try for the first place. The construction’s quite good to avoid accidents. So, I may purchase it and RIMABLE Complete Skateboard for my son in the upcoming time as a great couple to test out two of them. They’re a worthy investment to kick off!