How efficient is riding a kick scooter compared to riding a bike?

How efficient is riding a kick scooter compared to riding a bike

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For all of you who’re looking for a clear answer to your question, we’re sorry to disappoint you since there wouldn’t be a confirmation on this matter. And the reason is, as always, it depends. Since the two vehicles are constructed for certain purposes, any one-side conclusion wouldn’t be fair for both of them

Having said that, we believe that the answer mostly depends on your preferences rather than the features of the two vehicles. Which is why, in this post, we’ll be discussing the pros and cons of each transportation.

And judging on that, you can decide on your own whether you’re more suitable to a certain mean of transportation than the other.

Should You Choose A Kick Scooter?

you’ll have less space to stand on which might reduce the overall comfort

you’ll have less space to stand on which might reduce the overall comfort



One of the main reasons that cause many former bikers to switch to scooters is because of the excellent portability that they offer. That being said, you can literally fold your scooter up and put it right in your backpack whenever you get on the train or bus. And once you reach your final station, you can simply take it out, unfold it, and start riding to your desired locations.

In additions, due to their simple components, your scooters can maintain a relatively lightweight. Hence, you won’t feel any discomfort even when carrying it for a long time.

Easy to use

Most scooter beginners would find their new vehicle extremely easy to use. At least, you won’t have to fall a few times like when you first practicing on your bikes. With a comfortable handlebar, users can maintain a well-balanced stance on their scooter while having complete control over it.

In additions, kick scooters often come with low decks which allows for better stability. Plus, you won’t have to bend your knees too much when making pushes or kicks. And whenever you want to stop, you just need to step down from your scooter and walk a few steps to reduce the inertia.

Great for short-distance travels

With all the mentioned features, scooters are considered one of the best personal mobility vehicle for urban commutes and other types of short-distance travels. It comes with large wheels that allows you to travel longer distances within a rotation. In additions, the thin lip profiles also reduce friction generated while riding.

On top of that, having good portability means that you can carry your scooter along with you to anywhere you go. Thus, allows you to make quick rides whenever you’re ready.


If you think about it, most scooters come with fairly reasonable prices compared to bikes. Even with the most high-end products, you won’t have to worry about breaking your budget. This is a major advantage for those who are still wondering about whether they should use a scooter instead of a bike.

Great for doing tricks

In additions to the transportation features, the kick scooters are also a great platform for those who love practicing cool tricks and skills. You can easily find tutorials online or learn from your fellow scooter professionals.


you can uncomfortable for extended rides

you can uncomfortable for extended rides

Uncomfortable for extended rides

However, if you’re planning to travel a long distance, a kick scooter isn’t the best vehicle for that kind of job. For most of the time, you’ll have limited standing space on your deck due to the design of the two wheels. Hence, you’ll feel uncomfortable and fatigue after standing on your deck for too long.

In additions, constantly having to place your hands on the handlebar as well as keeping a stiff posture can be extremely stressful, especially on your back area. Not to mention that you’ll eventually feel exhausted from kicking and pushing to propel your scooter forward.

Slower than a bike

Since the two operates differently, you won’t likely to achieve your desired speed that you normally have on bikes with the scooter. As a result, you’ll find your scooters a lot slower compared to a bike, especially during long rides.

Might make you look dull

Although this might sound like a silly answer, many people secretly think that scooters are only for children. So if you think you’re not ready for this, you might want to reconsider your decision of getting a kick scooter.

Should You Choose A Bike?

you can achieve much better speed on your bikes

you can achieve much better speed on your bikes


Great comfort

Unlike scooters, riding a bike is extremely comfortable, even with long rides. Since you’ll have the saddle to support your upper body and relieve stress from your back, you’ll remain relaxed during most of your time on the bike.

In additions, by having two pedals that convert your leg’s motions to kinetic energy for the wheels to spin. You won’t have to keep pushing and kicking backward to keep moving. This help saving a lot of energy during a long ride.

Faster speed

With larger wheels and an undoubtedly more efficient mechanic, you can achieve much better speed on your bikes compared to using the scooter. On top of that, the excellent comfort also allows you to maintain a good speed for an extended time without feeling any fatigue or stress.

Ride on all terrains

For those who must travel through tough terrains, the air-filled pneumatic wheels on bikes are certainly a better option than PE wheels that are usually featured on scooters. Hence, you can experience smooth and comfortable rides without being disturbed by bumpy or rocky roads.

Great for long-range rides

With all the mentioned features, bikes are definitely the better vehicle when it comes to long-range rides. You’ll have good comfort to keep you energized for the roads ahead. In additions, the good speed that bikes offer also shorten the average time to travel to your destination. And most importantly, you can travel on all terrains with ease.

A better exercise

And if you’re planning to do a few cardio exercises before going to work, then the bikes would definitely a great option. That being said, it’s proven that cycling is one of the most effective and complete exercises to start your day. Hence, you won’t need to cover yourself in sweat by running every morning. Just a simple ride to work on your bike would keep you healthy and energized for the whole day.


all you need to do is hop in and the feelings will come naturally.

all you need to do is hop in and the feelings will come naturally.

More difficult

Riding a bike is undoubtedly more difficult than using the scooter. You’ll need to pay attention to many aspects as you ride on the roads, which includes your current speed, the other vehicles, pedestrians, and so on. While on the other hand, since you can ride on the pavements, there isn’t any obstacle and challenges for scooter users.

Not to mention that for those who don’t know how to ride a bike, it would cost them a few bruises to learn how to ride on their bike. For scooters, all you need to do is hop in and the feelings will come naturally.


Having a larger size is also a major factor that prevents people from using their bikes for daily comminutes. Not all city is as biking-friendly as Portland, so if you’re living in the urban area, you’ll have a hard time dealing with the crowded traffic as well as finding a spot to park your bike.

More expensive

With larger sizes and complex components, bikes are also relatively more expensive compared to scooters. This is a major factor that would take a lot of considerations.

And that’s our opinions on the efficiencies of riding a kick scooter compared to riding a bike. Hope you’re satisfied. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.